15 Fold Down Bed Ideas that You are Going to be Amazed With

Running short of space can be solved with this Fold Down Bed Ideas. Fold down beds, also called a wall bed, Murphy bed, pull down bed, is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall, or inside of a closet or cabinet. The idea of designing such a bed was to make a provision for more space in the small room. With this fold down bed, you can flip the bed at one of its horizontal edges, generally at the head, and then you can store it vertically inside a closed or cabinet. This is very smart especially when you are running short of space. Generally, the mattress is attached to the bed frame to keep it in place while removing, with a lock at each corner. When the bed is folded, you can use the room space for other purposes.

Fold Down Bed Ideas

By the way, before we go any further about Fold Down Bed Ideas, it is better for us to know types of fold down bed. The most common type of fold down bed is the head end stored inside a large closet located in the wall of a bedroom or living room. In such a style, both fold down bed and the closet are concealed behind a pair of closet doors. The other type of fold down bed is mounted on the swing arm. Unlike the previous, where the head end was on casters. A similar type of fold down bed is the hideaway bed, which also folds up when not in use. This type of fold down bed is usually not concealed behind a wall or closet. It is usually a bed with a dual purpose – it can be used as a shelf or desk.

Fold Down Bed Ideas is Smart Solution for Maximizing the Use or Small Room

The decision of using fold down bed has many advantages, and the biggest advantage of fold down bed is that can be easily folded down from the wall during the daytime, when you don’t need to use it. while the bed is folded, you can utilize the space for some other purpose, at night you can convert the place into a bedroom. Second advantage is economic. This is also another great advantage of fold down bed that it is economic and pocket friendly. At times, the fold down beds prove to be cheaper than the regular ones. It means, by opting fold down bed you can save both space and also money. Once you decided to use fold down bed, you need to check out our great list of Fold Down Bed Ideas below.

1. Fold Down Twin Beds

Fold down twin beds

This fold down twin beds are great to accommodate all you need of two beds and also enough storages. You can see the smart closet where the bed can be fold into, there are more than enough storages to store many stuffs.

2. Toddler Fold Down Bed DIY

Toddler Fold Down Bed DIY

Toddler fold down bed is a good way to give more space for your toddler to use the space for having fun and other purpose at the day time, and at the nigh time you can pull down the bed so that your toddler can sleep on it.

3. Fold Down Beds for Small Spaces

Fold Down Beds for Small Spaces

Living in a small room or a small apartment oblige you to be smart in maximizing the available space. One great solution for this is these fold down beds for small spaces.

4. Small Spaces and The Murphy Bed

Small Spaces and The Murphy Bed

It is unbelievable, at the day time you can use this room for your work room, at night you just pull down the murphy bed and it is converted into your cozy bedroom.

5. Evolved Murphy Bed is a Full Couch When not in Use, and Queen Bed When Folded Down

Evolved Murphy Bed

It is a smart design of murphy bed where you can really use the space of this small room.

6. Freestanding Wall Beds 

Freestanding Wall Beds Design

Freestanding wall beds are murphy bed type that can be used as shelf when the bed is hidden in the standing closet, with a cozy sofa in front of the standing closet.

7. Murphy Bed. Add a Drop-Down Craft Table to the Underside

Drop-Down Craft Table Murphy Bed

This fold down bed is really amazing, with a stunning design and color.

8. Sofa murphy bed! Perfect for a Finished Basement!

Sofa murphy bed for a Finished Basement

You won’t find anything useful and beautiful like this sofa murphy bed. Your finished basement is turned into a multifunctional room with it.

9. Stunning Sofa Murphy Bed

Sofa Murphy Bed

The soft color of this stunning sofa murphy bed is well suited with minimalist design for small space.

10. Tiny House Furniture Inspiration

Tiny House Furniture Inspiration

Having a tiny house really need to be selective choosing the furniture, so that you have enough space for you to do any activities. This is one tiny house furniture that may inspire you.

11. Turn Your Guest Bedroom into a Home Office Quickly and Easily Murphy Bed

Turn Your Guest Bedroom into a Home Murphy Bed

This is a smart murphy bed choice where it is hidden under the floor so that you can use the room for another purpose at the daytime.

12. Murphy Bed and Desk 

Best Murphy Bed and Desk

You can work and sleep on this murphy bed and desk. With a creative design of additional shelf, you can also add some decorative items on it.

13. Fold Down Beds – a Huge Space-Saving Solution for All Types of Homes 

Fold Down Beds All Types of Homes

When the bed is fold-up to the closet, this is a comfortable living room. You have enough space to gather with your family here.

14. Clever Space-Saving Beds Which You Can Slide Away and Hide 

Clever Space-Saving Beds Slide Away and Hide

With this clever space-saving beds which you can slide away and hide, you can turn this room into a bedroom or even a work space quickly.

15. Beds Which You can Slide Away and Hide 

Beds Slide Away and Hide

The color and the idea of beds which you can slide away and hide below is so suitable for a girly bedroom. Have a wide space for your bedroom with this bed.

As the idea behind of a pull down beds idea, space is the most precious part that can be save with this beds idea. This writing is mostly helpful for you who want to have a great bedroom with limited room space. With these Fold Down Bed Ideas, hopefully you are inspired to get the best choice of fold down or also called as murphy beds to save your room space. The smart idea of this murphy bed even more useful when you want to have a multifunctional room, where you can use it as a bedroom and other purposes like living room, home office, reading room, etc.

Fold Down Bed Ideas also suitable for houseboat, mobile house caravan

Murphy beds are a very smart way to turn precious space as more useful space for more than one purposes. With the improvement of murphy bed design, you can now place a murphy beds as a part of creative ideas for interior design. There are some designs of murphy beds are using soft and beautiful color, so that you can combine it with other furniture for living room, reading room, or small home office.

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